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Welcome to Edgewood Garden Studio. I sell handspun yarn and handpainted roving and batts made from a variety of materials, and other items as the inspiration seizes me.

Each roving braid is a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation and as such may have small imperfections (consider them Wabi-Sabi) in dyeing or spinning. These are not machine-made items, and if I personally wouldn'€™t want to knit or weave with it or wear it, you won'€™t find it in my store. I endeavor to make the best possible product and hope that you enjoy the unique, personal touches I give to my work.

The descriptions given are accurate to the best of my knowledge and are based on the information from my suppliers of wool, silk, alpaca, etc. (Though I once raised sheep and angora rabbits, I am leaving that to others now.)

Please remember that computer monitor displays are varied and colors may appear differently on yours than on mine. I take my pictures with a Nikon D90 in natural light (with minimal flash), to ensure as close a match to real life as possible. Also, I try to give you a verbal description of the colors and hand.


If you see an item you'd like, but you want to wait to purchase, you may request that the item be reserved for you. I will mark it as reserved, and if it is a roving, it will be moved to the Reserved Rovings section. A reservation request is considered a firm commitment to buy. Reserved items not purchased within two weeks of reservation will be returned to general availability, unless other arrangements have been made. You may reserve up to ten items at a time.


Thanks for your requests. I'm delighted that you like my rovings. Unfortunately, the manner in which I dye (Oh, a little of this and a little of that, let's mix these two colors in a jar...mmm...layer this over that maybe?) doesn’t make for easy reproduction. It’s a bit of a mad and joyous process, different every time I dye. Even different wool types take the dye differently, e.g. Wensleydale and silk LOVE dyes; Merino can be persnickety and wash out a bit; on BFL the colors slide around and merge; with Canterbury Romney, the dyes stay put. So, I am unable to replicate existing rovings, or to dye rovings to order.

Each roving in my shop is a unique individual as ephemeral as a butterfly and I hope that you can find something that you like amongst my listings.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can convo me or email me directly at:

You can also make a virtual visit to our garden at

Shipping details

I will try to ship the next day whenever possible. Shipping will be to the address listed through Etsy or PayPal, please be sure that address is correct.

Shipments to the USA for items under 13 ounces will be made via USPS First Class. If heavier, your order will go out via Priority mail. All international orders will ship First Class Mail, to keep costs down, unless you request a faster method. I will combine items if you make multiple purchases, and refund excess shipping on combined or large orders.

Packages will not be insured unless you make a special request. Happy to do it, just contact me and I will send you a revised invoice. Though I will make every effort to be sure that your items get to you as quickly and safely as possible, we are not responsible for lost, damaged in shipping, or delayed items.

Any duties, taxes, tariffs or fees for packages shipped internationally are your responsibility. I am not able to estimate what any of these charges to you might be. If you are concerned about duties, please check with your local authorities before you order. It is required by law that the customs form I fill out accurately state the value of the goods you have purchased.

International buyers, please add your phone number as a note to your order, as it is required for the electronic customs declaration we use.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

If you are not pleased with your purchase for some reason, please let me know immediately. I want you to be happy with our transaction and hope that we can come up with an acceptable solution. If a refund is required, then I will refund you if the item is returned within 10 days of your receipt and if the item is in original condition. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

I hope it won’t ever happen, but if the wrong item was shipped to you, please return it within 10 days of receipt (unharmed and in “new” condition) and I shall cover the exchange shipping costs via PayPal.

Additional information

Wool grading and softness:

Wool is graded on a numerical count, which is how finely a wool can physically be spun. It is also important to know the micron number, which is the diameter of the individual fiber. So, soft in count means a higher number, soft in microns means a lower number.

The €œsoftness of a wool is based on the diameter of the wool, ranging, more or less, from count in the 80s (less than 17 microns) to a count in the 30s (40 microns). In sensitive people, wool allergies€ are generally caused by their skin being prickled and irritated by the cut ends of individual fibers that are larger than 30 microns. So THIRTY microns is the magic number for most people, and most sensitive people really need 21 or less microns not to be bothered. (This does not include people who have a systemic allergy to wool, which is quite rare.)

Most Merino wool is well below 30 microns, BFL is typically 24-28, most cross-breds and Shetlands are also above or just on the cusp of the magic 30 microns, the average for Corriedale is 25-32 which means some is finer and some is coarser. Falkland averages 24-28, while Romney is 30-32, so it is more likely to feel scratchy to sensitive persons. Most American-grown Alpaca (suri and huacaya) is generally in the 25-28 micron range, but can range from the finest of about 20 to the very coarsest of about 35.

Breed, bloodlines, and age can affect the micron number, so hence, there are wide ranges for wool. Short of getting a micrometer, breed specific characteristics are the easiest way to choose.

Making a wool Superwash can be done by applying a very thin molecular resin coating over the scales of the individual hairs of wool to keep them from tangling/felting, or by removal of the spurs on the scales (also a chemical process). There are some versions of this process which are more sustainable than others. Alas, most superwash is not marked as to which way it was processed. The superwash process makes the wool shinier and sometimes stiffer.

Edgewood Garden Studio

Welcome to my shop of handpainted roving and commercially dyed and undyed wool for spinning and felting.

This outpost on Zibbet just has a small sampling of my work. Please visit our shops at and for our full selection of roving, batts, and yarn.